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Spotlight on the new SousVcart

Features include space for the sous vide cooker water bath and vacuum sealer appliances, smooth glide wheels that lock, 25 foot extendable cord with 3 outlets for equipment, adjustable shelf for the vacuum sealer, removable lids with built-in storage, handles integrated into the frame for pushing, pulling, and lifting. Beautifully designed with optimal functionality in mind, this cart can be used with containers, immersion circulators, water baths, and many vacuum sealers. Shown with the Vesta Perfecta Pro and Vertical Vac Elite, available separately.

"We use this in our restaurant every day. The versatility of the cart allows us to roll it anywhere in our kitchen or take it off site to our catering events."


James Beard Award winner,
from the Lakehouse, Bellevue WA

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