Chamber Vac Elite



Features and Benefits

Compact yet Powerful

The Chamber Vac Elite is a small, yet powerful versatile vacuum sealer ready to tackle your vacuum sealing chores in a 15x16x6 inch footprint.

Chamber or Suction

Fill a bag and place it in the chamber for fast vacuum sealing or if the item won't fit, vacuum seal it like a suction style vacuum sealer!

Auto or Customized

The innovative SmartVac program automatically vacuum seals based on the bag size you select or set customized values for your specific needs.

Marinate Mode

Use the chamber vacuum to force marinade or infuse flavor into your foods. Just select 9 to 99 minutes of vacuum cycles to achieve those overnight results quickly.

Coming Soon!

The Chamber Vac Elite is perfect for home and small professional kitchens that are serious about vacuum sealing with options for both chamber and suction vacuum sealing. Chamber vacuum sealing for fluids, sauces, and liquid-heavy recipes, has never been easier with the Chamber Vac Elite. Select Smart Vac and the bag size for easy automatic chamber vacuum sealing or use Customized Vac to specify the number of seconds you want the vacuum pump to run. Have items that won’t fit inside the chamber? No problem! The Chamber Vac Elite also operates  like an external clamp style suction vacuum sealer. Simply fill the bag, place the open end inside the edge of the chamber, close the lid, and the Vac&Seal mode does the rest.  This powerful and versatile vacuum sealer’s innovative, attractive, and compact design makes short work of your vacuum sealing needs and looks terrific in home and small professional kitchens alike.



110-120V 60Hz




Dual Dry


-28.3inHg / -958mbar

Seal wire width

0.14” / 3.5 mm

Seal bar length

10” / 254mm


15x13.4x5.4in / 380x340x136mm


13.45 lb. / 6.1 kg