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Champions of Sous Vide

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Every cook has their own take on sous vide, their own recipes, and their own favorite dishes.

Through our efforts at the International Sous Vide Association, we have worked more and more closely with some of the top sous vide chefs and authors. During these interactions, the conversation invariably turns to what dishes they absolutely love to make with sous vide.

This book stems from our desire to collect all of these amazing dishes in one fantastic resource that home cooks and chefs alike can find inspiration in.

Over the years we collected more than 70 recipes from 26 of the most well known names in sous vide. People such as J. Kenji Lopez-Alt, James Briscione, Elizabeth Kearney, Meathead, Scott "The Seattle Food Geek" Heimendinger, Jason Logsdon, Lennis Perez, Cole Wagoner, Stefan Boer, Lisa Marie Todd and Dale Prentice all contributed their favorite recipes.

Some dishes are common (72 hour short ribs and pork chops), some are unique (anyone up for crocodile or mackerel?), and some just make the classics so much better (good old-fashioned sous vide cherry pie!), but they all are incredibly delicious!

So if you are ready to explore the dishes that make the top sous viders in the world drool, then it's time to dive in and enjoy Champions of Sous Vide!

Author: Jason Logsdon, Mike La Charite

Publisher: Primolicious LLC

Paperback - 196 pages - English