Zipper Vacuum Bag Combination Pack



This combination pack is one of our best deals! You get 75 8”x12” zipper vacuum seal bags and 50 11”x16” zipper vacuum seal bags - perfect for all your snack and storage needs!

  • FOOD STORAGE BAGS FOR VACUUM SEALERS - Vacuum sealing can preserve food 5 to 6 times longer locking in freshness, flavor and nutritional value with no freezer burn. Perfect for sous vide cooking. 125 Bags per Box
  • EMBOSSED DESIGN FOR MAXIMUM FRESHNESS - These heavy-duty embossed food sealer bags block oxygen and moisture and have air-removal channels to increase suction for maximum freshness. They are open at the bottom with a pull tab at the top to access the zipper. This allows the bag to be resealed (but not re-vacuumed). Perfect for snacks like granola or nuts.
  • VERSATILE FOOD STORAGE VACUUM BAGS - These durable vacuum pouches are not just for preserving food. They can be refrigerated, frozen, microwaved, heated and will withstand high temperatures. Works with most external clamp vacuum sealing machines
  • FDA APPROVED - BPA, lead, and phthalates free. Great for cooking, food storage, and can also be used for storing collectibles such as valuable documents, silver, and electronics.
  • PERFECT FOR SOUS VIDE COOKING - Ideal for vacuum sealing food for your precision cooker. Make sure that every meal is perfectly cooked by using Vesta Precision sous vide machines.