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Choose from the following Vesta sous vide cooking options:

The Perfecta is an all in one water-bath that is stored on the countertop for ultimate convenience.

The Imersa has a modern design, intuitive digital display and can be used with any pot.

Imersa Elite
Imersa Elite
This “Flip-design’ circulator has a large digital display, and fits neatly into most kitchen drawers.

This choice is strictly a personal preference. Each model provides consistent results, is Wi-Fi-enabled and syncs to the Vesta App with ease-of-use. Often, storage, when not in use can become a key factor in deciding which model is best.

How they work:

Heat the water to your desired temperature by using the controls on your sous vide cooking appliance and drop your food into the Perfecta water-bath, or into your pot with the Imersa or Imersa Elite immersion circulator attached. The sous vide cooking appliances and equipment use electricity to maintain the water temperature to a precise degree and gently cook your food to perfection - it’s entirely hands off, to free up more time for you. Each sous vide cooking appliance, vacuum sealer and piece of equipment comes with a user manual, cooking guide, and has quick start instructions to ensure ease of use.
To determine the desired temperature for your food, you can reference any of the tools that we provide or do your research on the internet. With each of our sous vide cooking appliances and equipment you will receive a set of cards that provide you with suggested water temperatures and times for beef, pork, poultry, fish & seafood, eggs, vegetables and fruit. Additionally you can reference the Vesta App or visit our recipes page.

Vesta Precision Sous Vide Mobile App

Choose from the following Vesta vacuum sealing options:

Hand Held Vac 'n Seal
Hand Held Vac ‘n Seal
The most convenient of all vacuum sealing options, this handheld sealer works in seconds with just one touch. Note: only compatible with valve bags.

Vac 'n Seal
Vac ‘n Seal
Our Vac ‘n Seal is compact for storing and is perfect for all of your cooking and food storage needs. Has features for moist and dry ingredients.

Vac 'n Seal Elite
Vac ‘n Seal Elite
Our Elite model has a built in roll and cutter, making it as easy as 1-2-3 to create customized vacuum bags for sealing both wet and dry ingredients.

Vertical Vac Elite
Vertical Vac Elite
Perfect for folks who are sealing liquids like soups, brines and marinades on a regular basis. Note: Only compatible with Vesta Vertical pouches.


How they work:

Vacuum sealers extend food freshness 3 to 5 times longer than traditional storage methods. They are typically used for freezing and storage of foods and non-perishable goods, but can also be used for sous vide cooking. Simply season and vacuum-seal your food, store in the freezer or refrigerator, or cook immediately. From shrimp to steak and veggies to fruits, you can cook and store almost anything once vacuum sealed. Check out our sous vide meal plan for ideas.


Don’t forget the vacuum seal pouches and rolls

vacuum seal pouches and rolls
Our pouches and rolls are of the highest food cooking quality and are compatible with most vacuum sealers elsewhere on the market. We have many options available for differing uses and personal preferences.

Don’t worry, just because you have options doesn’t mean you need to be overwhelmed. Here is a quick rundown to help you select the correct vacuum sealer pouch or roll for your needs:

Rolls: Allows for flexibility in your pouch sizes – available in 8”x20’ and 11”x20’ sizes
Liquid block: Includes an absorbent paper that prevents liquids from leaking – available in gallon and quart sizes
Standard pouches: Will work with most external clamp vacuum machines – available in gallon and quart sizes
Pouches with zippers: Do not require a vacuum sealer – available in gallon and quart sizes
Pouches with zipper and valve: Require a handheld pump for sealing – available in gallon and quart sizes


Still have questions? Perhaps some of the FAQ’s below will help:

What equipment is needed to cook sous vide?
For Immersion, you’ll need the circulator, a water vessel, sous vide grade bags and a vacuum sealer. If using the water bath, you’ll need sous vide grade bags and a vacuum sealer.
What makes Vesta better than other sous vide companies?
Vesta specializes in designing, developing and manufacturing products focused on precise temperature control. Vesta has a dedicated team ...
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What kind of food can you cook sous vide?
Any protein, vegetables, fruits, eggs, desserts, rice, pasta and even infusions, such as cocktails and oils. Try quick pickles and jams too. Experimenting is half the fun!
What are some of the greatest benefits of cooking sous vide?
Taste, texture and nutrition. Overcooking your food is nearly impossible and allows perfectly cooked food every time. You can plan and save time without compromising the quality.

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