Vacuum Sealer Starter Kit



The perfect gift for someone ready to start vacuum sealing!

Are you ready to get into the habit of stocking up (or help someone else get there)? This is the gift bundle you need.

  • Vac n Seal Elite - our most popular suction vacuum sealer that includes built in roll storage
  • 1 box of 25 8"x12" vacuum seal pre-cut bags
  • 1 box of 2 11" vacuum seal rolls

The Vac ‘n Seal Elite is a compact and convenient vacuum sealer for all your food storage and cooking needs. Its built-in pressure sensor seals the bags after completely vacuumed automatically.

The easy-to-use digital touch panel features gentle and normal settings, manual pulse vacuum for full user control, and manual sealing without vacuuming.

The Vac ‘n Seal Elite can be used with suction bottles and canisters as well. Whether you’re freezing extra portions or preparing food for sous vide cooking, this vacuum sealer has you covered.

Normally, this bundle would cost $148.98, so get it while it's discounted for the holiday shopping season!

Vac 'n Seal Elite

Quiet, yet powerful, the Vac 'n Seal Elite sports a smooth touch panel with just the features you desire - Dry and Moist modes along with Gentle or Normal vacuum.

8"x12" Bags

This bundle includes 25 of these popular 8"x12" cooking level bags are perfect for long-term storage as well as sous vide cooking.

11"x16" Bags

This bundle also includes 25 of these generous-sized 11"x16" cooking level bags are perfect for long-term storage as well as sous vide cooking large items or amounts.

Sleek and Stylish

The Vac 'n Seal Elite can store up to an 11 inch by 20 foot roll of vacuum seal bag material in its slim 3.5 inch profile. Create custom sized bags quickly and easily.