Welcome to Vesta Precision!

by Kent Wright on February 10, 2018

We are delighted to be launching Vesta Precision, bringing you innovative products for both home and commercial kitchens. We are a Seattle-based company, Precision Appliance Technology, Inc., developing a broad line of leading-edge sous vide equipment marketed internationally under the Vesta brand. The Vesta product offering also includes accompanying chamber-style and suction-type vacuum sealers and vacuum bags and rolls perfect for a variety of uses. Our commitment to quality ensures unparalleled precision and safety features across our entire product offering. Even the vacuum-seal pouches we make are held to the highest standards. 

At Vesta, our mission is to create simple kitchen solutions, so you can do more. We believe sous vide cooking achieves that. Our products are designed to help people plan and execute delicious and nutritious meals simply by using vacuum storage and precision-temperature cooking methods.  And we back our products up with the best-in-class support and service. 

Our blog is intended to help you reach your goal of creating delicious and nutritious meals. We will post educational articles, simple recipes, tips for optimal results, and news about existing and future products. Our team is made up of people just like you – busy with families, friends, and loved ones; engaged with work and activities; and regularly time-strapped with the business of day-to-day life. We will share what we’ve learned from our own kitchen experiences because we’re passionate about sous vide and the convenience it offers. 

Let’s have you meet a few of our Vesta Precision team members.

Robert Lamson is CEO and co-founder of Precision Appliance Technology, Inc. Bob is a veteran C-suite executive with broad experience, especially in the kitchen-electrics arena, having launched several category-leading products. He graduated cum laude from Yale University and holds a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Washington. As well as being a published author, Bob has been involved with sous vide ventures for many years.  As a matter of fact, Bob introduced me to the wonders of sous vide cooking some years ago and won me over as a quick convert. 

Elizabeth Kearney is our Director of Sales and Marketing. Elizabeth is an accomplished chef, business professional with a significant background in consumer kitchen electrics, and author who brings vast knowledge and experience of all things sous vide to the team. She has an infectious entrepreneurial spirit and a can-do attitude. Her creativity is as boundless as her energy, and her expertise is perfectly suited to helping consumer and commercial customers find the perfect products for their needs. 

I am Kent Wright, your Customer Service Specialist and a “curious culinarian,” here to help answer questions and solve any problems you may run into. Years of technical support experience have prepared me particularly well to lead the effort in helping you become a successful sous vide cook using Vesta Precision products.  

We’ll introduce you to additional team members down the road, so be sure to subscribe and stay current on all the latest. 

Welcome to the Vesta family, we are glad you are with us!