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How one incredible kitchen gadget makes cooking easy

Vesta precision temperature appliances come to you from the heart of Seattle, USA, and are designed with unique insights gained from years of experience. Smart and innovative, our products – sous vide and beyond – are user-friendly and affordable for both family...
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Make sous vide recipes immersed in flavor

Can 2019 be the year you finally step away from dried-out slow-cooker meals and tough, overdone chicken breasts? Yes, if you add a sous vide circulator (also called an immersion circulator) to your cooking arsenal. This long, simple cylinder will store tidily on a pantry shelf, but when you put it to work ...
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New products from Vesta will take your sous vide game to the next level

Sous vide has had quite an impressive run, making its way from Michelin-starred chef’s kitchens to … well, our kitchens. Despite the strides this culinary technique has already made thanks to devices like...
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Home Sous Vide Company Adds Commercial Line

Vesta, a producer of sous vide and vacuum sealing products for the home kitchen, has followed up its debut at the International Home + Housewares Show with a line of commercial products...
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Vesta Brings Professional Sous Vide to Next Level

Vesta is introducing the next generation of sous vide cooking for professional chefs and other food service professionals worldwide. Developed in France in the 1970s, over the past decade in particular, sous vide is a culinary technique that continues...
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