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Vertical Vac Elite

Vertical Vac Elite
Vertical Vac Elite

I discovered sous vide cooking in 2017 and it changed my life. Seriously. I’ve been a food blogger and avid home cook since 2010, but nothing has transformed my cooking like sous vide can. I must be serious: I did write a cookbook all about sous vide cooking, afterall. 

Now I cook “difficult” foods like steak, scallops, and creme brulee without a second thought. Thanks to sous vide, I know they’re going to come out perfectly with minimal effort from me!

There’s only one downside to sous vide cooking I’ve come across so far: anything saucy or liquidy isn’t an option, unless it’s in a mason jar. If I want to marinade a steak, I have to do it in one bag, transfer it to another, discard the marinade, and then cook. It’s not the end of the world, but it is wasteful and inconvenient.

I keep hearing about how awesome sous vide rice, beans, and soup are… but how?

This limit extends to my other favorite kitchen hack: stocking my freezer with what I call “ready-to-vide” meals. I can’t vacuum seal chicken in my favorite marinades! And what about that pesto I keep making en masse? 

I’ve found the solution: the Vesta Precision Vertical Vac Elite. It’s a chamber vac that uses pressure instead of suction to remove air from sealable bags, which means you could seal up a bag of straight water if you wanted to! Game. Changer.

In addition to being extremely useful, the Vertical Vac Elite is also beautiful. You may have seen other chamber vacs before: they look nothing like this. I’m proud to keep the Vertical Vac Elite out on my counter for friends and family to see. I can even mount it on my wall for out of the way use!

Although it’s called the Vertical Vac Elite, you can lay it down. Could this appliance be more versatile?!

The first thing I made when I got my hands on it was this delicious Spring Veggie Risotto. Once again, sous vide didn’t let me down by making a difficult dish oh so easy to cook and it was all possible thanks to the Vertical Vac Elite.