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  • Sous Vide Shrimp

    Posted on April 27 2022

    By Michelle Ricciardelli   Super tender and buttery, this sous vide recipe makes a classic butter and herb shrimp that’s absolutely delicious. Perfect for dinner, an appetizer, or in any recipe...

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  • Eggtastic Avocado Toast

    Posted on April 19 2022

    By Michelle Ricciardelli   A perfect sous vide egg topped on creamy avocado toast with all the add-ons - this recipe is perfect for meal prep or Sunday Brunch! Can...

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  • Chicken Teriyaki Bowl

    Posted on April 13 2022

    By Michelle Ricciardelli   Homemade sous vide chicken teriyaki bowl is one for the record books! SUPER easy, SUPER tasty, SUPER filling. Chicken Teriyaki Bowl SERVINGS: 4-6 peoplePREP TIME: 15-20...

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  • Garlic Zesty Artichokes

    Posted on April 06 2022

    By Michelle Ricciardelli   Sous Vide artichokes with garlic and lemon zest? Count me in for my fave new side dish! Garlic Zesty Artichokes SERVINGS: 4-6 peoplePREP TIME: 25 minutesCOOK...

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  • Balsamic Garlic Feta Beets

    Posted on March 30 2022

    By Michelle Ricciardelli   Perfectly uniformed and end-to-end juicy texture - add some chopped walnuts and crumbled feta for texture and voila! mouthwatering recipe. Balsamic Garlic Feta Beets SERVINGS: 4 peoplePREP...

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  • Sous Vide Meatballs

    Posted on March 22 2022

    By Michelle Ricciardelli   Such an easy sous vide meatball recipe - tender, flavorful, and can be enjoyed with many dishes! Sous Vide Meatballs SERVINGS: 4 peoplePREP TIME: 30 minCOOK...

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  • Garlic Broccoli

    Posted on March 16 2022

    By Michelle Ricciardelli   Who doesn't love garlic veggies? This suer simple recipe will even have the kiddos asking for the greens! Garlic Broccoli SERVINGS: 4 peoplePREP TIME: 5-10 minutesCOOK...

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  • The Perfect Cold Brew

    Posted on March 09 2022

    By Michelle Ricciardelli   Enjoy this absolutely perfect sous vide cold brew recipe Less acidity, more energy - customize your way! The Perfect Cold Brew SERVINGS: 6 peoplePREP TIME: 10-15...

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  • Veggie Minestrone Delight

    Posted on March 02 2022

    By Michelle Ricciardelli Super healthy, easy to make, and perfect for any time of day! This homemade soup with fill you up with goodness and leave you full - without...

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  • Sous Vide Fries

    Posted on February 22 2022

    By Michelle Ricciardelli Restaurant quality fries that are homemade, spicy, crispy on the inside with a perfectly soft center - doesn't get better than this!  Sous Vide Fries SERVINGS: 4...

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  • Sweetheart Strawberry Cheesecake

    Posted on February 08 2022

    By Michelle Ricciardelli What better way to show your sweetheart and loved ones how you feel than a tasty treat - made with all things love! Sweetheart Strawberry Cheesecake SERVINGS:...

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  • Sous Vide Veggie Borscht

    Posted on February 01 2022

    By Michelle Ricciardelli An Eastern European classic recipe you can enjoy hot or cold all year around! Sous Vide Veggie Borscht SERVINGS: 6-8 peoplePREP TIME: 15-20 minutes COOK TIME: 1 hourINGREDIENTS:1...

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  • Sous Vide Balsamic & Spiced Root Veggies

    Posted on January 26 2022

    By Michelle Ricciardelli Another nutritious side that gives your tastebuds a blast of flavor! You will go back for more, I promise.  Sous Vide Balsamic & Spiced Root Veggies SERVINGS: 4-6 peoplePREP TIME:...

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  • Sous Vide Overnight Oats

    Posted on January 19 2022

    By Michelle Ricciardelli Breakfast has never been so fuss-and-mess free! These overnight oats are packed with nutrients that will start your day off right.  Sous Vide Overnight Oats SERVINGS: 6...

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  • Chicken Soft Tacos

    Posted on January 12 2022

    By Michelle Ricciardelli   These chicken soft tacos is so flavorful, fun, and easy! Taco Tuesdays will be a whole new level and something everyone at home will look forward...

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