NeoVide Waterless Sous Vide

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Neovide is a premium sous vide machine that simplifies the high-tech cooking and makes it more accessible to both professional chefs and users who cook at home on a daily basis. It brings people a new way of sous vide cooking.

- It simplifies the process of sous vide into one stop and makes it easier for everybody to make delicious food.

- It offers truly precise temperature control on the food which brings users perfect doneness. This feature would be especially helpful for professional chefs.

- It saves budget for users by allowing users to invest less on buying and manpower.

- Better textures of food would be possible thanks to its ability to better preserve the shape of the food.

- It remarkably reduces the waiting time by introducing a new approach of heating.

- It reduces the manpower for operating and maintaining a sous vide cooker.

- It helps save our planet by eliminating the use of plastic bags and water in sous vide cooking.