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Smoking Chips, 1.5 oz jar

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  • Variant: Hickory
  • SKU: WC01-H

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Flavor/Scent | Hickory

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Specifically made for the Gusto smoke infuser, these all-natural, unprocessed, and untreated wood chips will provide the purest smoke for your infusions. Whether it be for cocktails, foods, or effects, these wood chips will excite your senses and tantalize your tastebuds!



Kick it up with Hickory and add a delicious, bold and smoky flavor that is commonly used to enrich bacon, sausage, and pork shoulder. Also, pairs well with chicken, beef and lamb. Flavor Strength: Strong


Wild Cherrywood adds a fruity smoke flavor, similar to apple but with a bit more punch. Can be mixed with other fruit woods for a custom flavor. Pairs beautifully with ribs, chicken, venison, pork, vegetables and fruits. Flavor Strength: Medium


Applewood is one of the most popular flavors and produces a distinctive, mildly sweet, fruity smoke that is ideally used to enhance the flavor of foods like, cheese, fish, poultry and pork. Can also be mixed with hickory which pairs well with beef. Flavor Strength: Medium


Maplewood is the sweetest smoke of the grilling woods and reminiscent of maple syrup. This flavor naturally pairs well with pork, but is also commonly used with poultry, game, pork, veggies and cheeses. Flavor Strength: Medium