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5 Mil Vacuum Sealer Bags - VestaPremium Heavy Duty Embossed

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  • Variant: Bags - 8x10" - 44 count
  • SKU: 501101

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Style | Bags - 8x10" - 44 count

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Our 5 mil vacuum sealer bags are heavy-duty embossed vacuum pouches and rolls made for optimal durability. Known as heavy duty vacuum bags, they have been put to the test for strength and flexibility, and the thick vacuum seal bags' extra thick wall resists punctures and abrasion better than regular bags. This makes them ideal for everything from freezer storage to sous vide cooking with complete confidence and peace of mind. Includes liquid block strips for use when vacuum sealing liquid-rich items. They work in all vacuum sealers - external clamp or chamber, including heavy duty vacuum sealer bags and chamber vacuum bags 5 mil.


  • Increase storage time and nutritional value; has 5 to 6 times longer freezer storage time, locking in freshness, flavor, and nutritional value with no freezer burn
  • VestaPremium vacuum seal pouches can be frozen, refrigerated, heated, and microwaved
  • Food-safe by FDA and LGFB standards and BPA, lead, and phthalate free - great for cooking, food storage PLUS collectibles, valuable documents, silver & electronics
  • VestaPremium vacuum seal pouches are perfect for sous vide cooking
  • Includes cellulose liquid block strips to keep your suction vacuum sealer clean when vacuum sealing liquid-rich ingredients
  • Works with most brands of vacuum sealing machines