Handheld Vac'n Seal

Posted on May 08 2019

Handheld Vac'n Seal

Have you seen Vesta’s Handheld Vac ‘n Seal yet? This is one of the more nifty and reliable sous vide accessory gadgets I’ve ever come across. Strong words, I know - but I mean them!

This handheld, affordable device quickly and powerfully removes the air from Vesta’s sous vide bags and it’s so much easier to store than traditional vacuum sealers. Simply place the Handheld Vac ‘n Seal over the valve on Vesta Precision’s bags, and hold down the button!

It’s great when I’m at home prepping dinner, or if I decide to get adventurous and take sous vide on the road (which I’m guilty of doing nearly every time I camp or travel).

Ready to be even more wowed? No batteries needed here, folks. It’s chargeable by mini-USB!

I can’t stop there: you can use this air-removal method in recipes that have lots of liquid. To prove it, I made a little video to show you how I used it to make Sous Vide Strawberry Mint Infused Rum.